Art Capital of the Philippines

An Encounter with Mr. Nemiranda

Last August 28, 2010, me and my blockmates went to Angono to explore it's wonders. One of those wonders is the Nemiranda Art Gallery which showcases the work of Mr. Nemiranda himself down to his grandchildren whom are in their early ages but with those genes,you'll surely know that when they grew up, they would be renowned artists as well.

The artwork that caught my attention the most is a painting made out of charcoal and oil. It shows a mother giving birth to a baby and surrounding her are her 5 other children and her husband. Her husband seems drunk and gloomy and the other feature is the figure of a Sto. Nino and under it
is an unused condom which should've been used to prevent another burden of taking care of a child. I was amazed on how Mr. Nemiranda showed many effects of only one cause: poverty.

As our tour ends, we were surprised when outr tour guide said that Mr. Nemiranda was in the building. I was even shocked when he went right straight to us. He shared to us that he first started in festivals in Angono and how he feels about the situation of Filipino artists today, he said that the Angono artists are helping to preserve the title of having Angono as the Arts Town of the Philippines.

I agree with Mr. Nemiranda when he says thae Filipino artists today are still growing and moving and with just a little sacifice, I can say that the Philippines is going to be world class when it comes to the Arts and with just one meeting, I can say that i'm a Nemecio Miranda fan.

Written by: Erica Yasay