Art Capital of the Philippines

Maestro Lucio D. San Pedro

Maestro Lucio D. San Pedro is known all over the country as a National Artist for Music. I've had my encounters with this prominent figure in the Philippine Music industry, although it's sad to think that I don't remember clearly what happened during my encounters with him because I was young at the time that he was still alive. All I know I remember is that I would meet him whenever my mom meets up with him - whether it be in our house, at my mom's choir mate's house, or at the Church, where the liturgical choir would usually sing every Sundays.

Lucio D. San Pedro was born on February 11, 1913 in the humble town of Angono. He is known to be the composer of the famous Filipino lullaby, Sa Ugoy ng Duyan, which he did in collaboration with another famous Filipino Music icon, Levi Celerio. The Maestro wasn't only a composer or a musician, he was also a teacher. Maestro San Pedro taught at different universities - mostly at different major music conservatories in Manila. (

But who exactly is Maestro Lucio D. San Pedro in the eyes of the Angono folk?

Some people like me would remember the Maestro as that old man who plays the organ during the 4:00 p.m. Sunday mass. But other people remember him as somebody else.

My mom remembers the Maestro as somebody who comes in the Angono Choir to help them during competitions. Others remember him as someone who loves music so much.

 I don't really know that much about the Maestro, but based on what I'm hearing about him, I'm sure he's somebody great.

 And somebody passionate for music.

 I, myself, personally think that it would be such a wonderful experience to have been able to sit down with him, and breathe the same air as he did.

 It was only such a shame that I was too young to take advantage of those moments. When the Maestro passed away on March 31, 2002, that was when I realized that I was so lucky to have been able to mingle (although not as much) with him in his and in my lifetime.

Written by: Carissa Fuentes